Classic Llama Circle Logo Tee - Desert Orange

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Our Classic Llama Circle Logo tee comes in four iconic colours, based on the hues from the day, night, and weather cycles in Alto's Odyssey. When sporting this Desert Orange, we hope your mind drifts to your endless journey set against a gorgeous and ever-changing desert landscape. If not, though, that's okay. You'll still be wearing a lovely shirt.

To print the Llama logo, we used a top-quality discharge method. This allows us to dye each thread and bring the colours of Alto's world to life. More importantly, the shirt retains a "soft hand" feel after every wash, fading gently and evenly over time.

Size Chest to Fit
S 34" - 37"
M 38" - 41"
L 42" - 45"
XL 46" - 49"

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