Alto's Lost Llamas

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Alto accidentally left the village gate open again, and 100 llamas have escaped! Now's your chance to catch and bring home one of your very own.

Alto's Lost Llamas were crafted in Germany by Zimt Beadwork, based on some of the most beautiful fan art we've ever seen. To create each furry friend, Zimt used a process called Needle Felting, forming soft wool around handmade wire frames with thousands of tiny pokes. Each llama is brought to life with additional details, including inquisitive eyes, an adorably tiny nose, perky felt ears, and - our personal favourite - a fluffy white tail.

The finished product is a perfect mixture of collectible and toy. Posable but sturdy, and standing ten centimetres tall, the Lost Llama is the ideal addition to any desk or shelf -- both at home and at the office. To add a little bit of magic to the whole experience, we've packaged each llama in an individually stamped box filled with soft white wool, so that it feels like you're bringing your new friend off the slopes and into the warmth. 

Finally, we've topped off your new pal with a custom-cut tag, strung with cherry red twine. Each tag includes space to name your llama, care instructions to help you get it back into shape, and hand numbering from 1 to 100.

After all, these truly are llama-ted edition. 


As this is a limited edition, handcrafted item, its creator will not be able to include tracking info in your shipment. However, a delivery time of 2-3 weeks is standard!

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